Why Barolo is the best place to rent a villa in Italy? Glad you asked. 

Welcome to Scarpa Villas in the Piedmont wine region. Nestled among the vines of the Barolo area sits our gorgeous villa property with a pool.

Our four Piedmont villas sit in a “U” shape making a perfect spot for an event, party, or just relaxation. Rent one, two, three, or all four of the villas for a magical holiday that transports you back to days gone by. But, don’t worry, the wifi works and the luxurious interiors pamper you beyond your wildest dreams.

From our professional-level kitchens to onsite wine and truffle programs, you may not even want to leave the grounds. But, we recommend you do to get first-hand experience with all the reasons Barolo is the best place to rent a villa in Italy.

barolo piedmont vineyard5 Reasons Barolo is the best place to rent a villa in Italy


We know that if you want to find the best place to rent a villa in Italy, the views rank as important as the features and amenities. My friends, that is why we start here on our list.

“Breathtaking” really does not do justice to the enchanting Barolo vineyard landscape.

Majestically positioned at the base of the Alps, Europe’s highest and most extensive mountain range, the Barolo landscape in the Piedmont wine region becomes more awe-inspiring when Monviso peeks out (pun intended).

And, we’re not the only ones to revel in this beauty.

In June 2014, the southwestern corner of the Piedmont wine region became Italy’s 50th UNESCO World Heritage site. The designation area includes the wine-growing landscape of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato.

And, the designation goes beyond the aesthetics, celebrating of the area’s timeless culture. You see, this was the first place in Italy to be granted the coveted UNESCO protection under the Cultural Landscape category. That means they recognize the back-breaking work the Piemontese put into building the land – the vineyards, the hilltop towns, the castles, and more. A meaningful tribute to the people as much as the land.

Piedmont landscapebarolo piedmont view

If you are not ready to give your wine life completely to one grape, then run fast. And, don’t look back.

For some, nebbiolo is the primary reason Barolo is the best place to rent a villa in Italy. However, once they visit, they fall in love with the rest. But, let’s spend a few moments on the Piedmont wine region’s most noble grape.

The black nebbiolo grape variety resides almost exclusively in Northern Italy with its best expressions in the Piedmont wine region. The grape itself is thick-skinned with a long growing season. So, it flowers early but ripens late. In the Piedmont wine region, it’s the last to harvest. So, book your stay at our Piedmont villas around mid-September to early October to see the grapes bursting from the vines and harvest just out your window.

The nebbiolo grape is known for its harmonious balance of tannin and acidity – both key characteristics to wine aging. When you visit the area, splurge on at least one Barolo or Barbaresco wine with at least 20 years of age so you can experience the potential of nebbiolo.

historic cellarNebbiolo is an intensely aromatic variety. Sometimes you just have to sit with it for a while, inhaling the intoxicating aromas before even tasting the wine. The nose shows tar, raspberry, chocolate, licorice, and truffles. The color is surprisingly light given the depth and complexity of the nose and flavors.

Top expressions in the Piedmont wine region come from Barolo and Barbaresco. DOCG requirements dictate the use of 100 percent nebbiolo grapes.

For younger drinking, more cost-effective expressions, try Langhe Nebbiolo, Nebbiolo d’Alba, and Roero rosso / Roero Riserva. The Roero region, right across the Tanaro River from Barbaresco, was once completely covered by the sea. So, the sandier soils, rich in sea fossil residue, produces younger drinking nebbiolo-based wines that show elegance and finesse.

barolo vineyard grape2018 nebbiolo for Barolo harvest at Scarpa Villas.

villa in baroloWhen you stay at Scarpa Villas, enjoy a stocked temperature-controlled wine cabinet with gorgeous nebbiolo wines.
And, we left free space for you to store the nebbiolo wines you pick up while you explore the region.


In our Piedmont cuisine post, we covered the important aspects of the area’s culinary magic. But, also makes Barolo one of the best places to rent a villa in Italy, so here’s a little more to consider for your palate pleasure.

Go anywhere in Italy and even the south of France and mention this region to restaurateurs or foodies. Their eyes will light up as they think about the succulent Fassone beef, the traditional delicate and rich golden tajarin pasta made with 30 egg yolks – the rich and savory meals pair perfectly with tannic, powerful nebbiolo and juicy barbera wines. Beef, pork, root vegetables, and of course those savory white truffles.

And, at Scarpa Villas, we’ve created a space for you to enjoy all the food, all the ways.

Professional-grade kitchens in our Piedmont villas include chef-grade knives, Le Creuset cookware, and all the service items and cutlery you could possibly want.

And, each villa has a fresh herb garden outside as well as dried herbs from site-grown materials. If you don’t want to cook yourself, let us arrange a personal chef to take care of your dining needs.

piedmont villas outdoorDine al fresco at our Piedmont villas.

A lot of would-be travelers are surprised to learn that October and November are high travel season in Barolo. Well, that’s because of the Alba white truffle and the Alba White Truffle Fair in Alba, Italy.

At Scarpa Villas in Barolo, find the Alba white truffle right in our backyard. The Villas themselves are about 15 minutes by car from Alba. But, we also work with a special brand of trifulau (truffle hunters) who use our grounds to forage the decadent fruit of our land.

So, we can arrange an Alba white truffle hunt just beyond your front door. Naturally, a truffle shaver can be found in your kitchen.

Reason # 4 that Barolo is the best place to rent a villa in Italy: Alba White Truffles.

If relaxation is on your to-do list for your holiday, then Barolo is most certainly the best place to rent a villa in Italy.  The area is home to the Slow Food movement, but it’s not just the food that takes its time. The whole area seems to move at a different pace.

Since this part of the Piedmont wine region is still quite rural and untapped, don’t be surprised if you can’t do much during lunch as mid-day closures remain in practice.

Take in the villages, castles, wineries, vineyards, food, and wine leisurely. Glide through the countryside on the ebikes (electric bikes available at The villas), bring your hiking shoes and work up a sweat while you explore.

And, don’t forget – our Italian villa has a pool. Just one more reason ours is the best place to rent a villa in Italy.

barolo villa pool

barolo eventThere you have it: 5 reasons Barolo is the best place to rent a villa in Italy.

If you need more reasons, contact our property manager, Katariina, for more on the amenities and services of our Piedmont villas as well as the joys of the region itself.

If you are debating when to come, read When to Visit Barolo, Italy: By the seasons for a look at each season.

We look forward to welcoming you here!

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