At Scarpa Villas, our aim is to create an unforgettable experience during your time in the Langhe. In truth, the raw magic of the region’s culture and beauty makes that easy to do. That in mind, we set out to find distinctive details to amplify your Piedmont experience.

piedmont baroloThe beats of Barolo were created especially for Scarpa Villas by world famous DJ Dave Dorrell.

Mr. Dorrell helped to identify, document, and shape the cutting edge of culture over the last thirty years. His understanding of our sense of place will have you grooving to these jams when you return home as a way to transport yourself back to our magical vineyard playground.

Hit the volume in the central stereo system or pop in your earbuds for a solo jam session – we offer these tracks to inspire and entertain. Find them on our digital house book, via Spotify on your personal devices, and of course on the villa’s stereo system.

music in our villas baroloOur first four playlists cover food, wine, relaxation, nature, and wanderlust.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

  • Cooking – The Food of Love: Because Northern Italy’s culture centers around gastronomy, food takes center stage. So, our first musical medley is dedicated to the kitchen dweller. Turn up the volume when our personal chef teaches you how to make traditional foods like tajarin or bunet. Or, when you create your own spectacular meal from a recipe found in the villa’s  cookbook library (with ingredients fresh from the mercato, naturally.) These apron jams feature the music of Aretha Franklin, Al Green, The Pointer Sisters, Santana, Wham!, and more.
  • Cibo d’Amore: You didn’t really think we were done with food, did you? The act of dining deserves its own collection of tunes. Sit back and enjoy the region’s savory flavors, paired with the music of Roberta Flack, Erykah Badu, Dusty Springfield, The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, and more.
  • Sweet Daze: Ever heard the term vino da meditazione? This mix is the musical answer. The literal translation is “meditation wine”. We recommend enjoying your vino da meditazione to this amazing mix while gazing at the majestic UNESCO World Heritage Vineyard Landscape. Sigh. Oh, and here are some of our wine picks for you (ready to drink in your villa’s wine cabinet):
    • Scarpa 1985 La Bogliona Barbera: Near-ideal weather conditions made 1985 exceptional; considered the vintage of the decade. Barbera growers hail it one of the best ever for the variety.
    • Scarpa 1987 Tettimorra Barolo: Early on seemed a very average Barolo, but has evolved to be an incredible expression.
    • Scarpa 2007 La Bogliona Barbera: Considered one of the best La Bogliona wines ever made.
  • House Paartyyy: You’ve got a pool, a villa with a wine cabinet, and a whole lot of open space. We’re not suggesting you go Johnny Depp on us (in fact, please don’t) but, do plan a groove session. Let Chaka Khan, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Diana Ross, Lenny Kravitz (oh, it ain’t over!), and more get your feet tapping.  
  • BONUS TRACK – Clubbing at home: Because once you get the party started, you won’t want to stop. So, crank this up after the House Party blitz fades. No hints on what this one includes – you have to tune in…

Who is Dave Dorrell?

In the 1980s, Mr. Dorrell worked as a journalist at New Musical Express where he championed the term Goth and helped birth the international youth genre. Eventually, Mr. Dorrell became synonymous with the great British dance music surge of the late 1980s.

barolo musicAs a member of the group M/A/R/R/S he scored a global number one hit, “Pump Up The Volume”. In addition, Mr. Dorrell managed notable bands like the Pet Shop Boys, Bush, Dirty Vegas, and UNKLE. He oversaw world tours and chart-topping, multi-platinum albums on both sides of the Atlantic.

In recent years, Dave’s gaze has turned increasingly toward the art world where he curated shows, including John Giorno: STAR 69: DIAL-A-POEM-RELICS at the 54th Venice Biennale 2011, Slayer Pavilion, URA Gallery, Istanbul Biennale 2007, Slayer Pavilion, Berlin Biennale 2010, Slayer Pavilion, Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012. Now residing in Berlin, Germany, Mr. Dorrell works as a consultant, advising companies such as Rudi Gernreich, xailabs (Berlin), Art Frankly (New York), and numerous advertising and creative agencies.

His ability to second-guess the future, while drawing on over 35 years of experience at the highest levels gives him a unique perspective on music, art, and popular culture.

We hope you enjoy the sounds of Scarpa Villas by Dave Dorrell. And, leave us a note in comments on the other musical categories you’d like us to create for your time in Barolo! Vineyard running jams, anyone!?

For questions on the villas, contact our property manager.