Personal chef service in Barolo, Italy – a guest favorite.

The Piedmont region is known around the world as a haven of gastronomic treasures. Culinary delights include hearty, veal-based dishes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, rich and decadent egg-based pasta, use of fragrant herbs like sage, thyme, and rosemary, succulent creamy desserts…

And, of course, pairings of the Piedmont region’s haunting Nebbiolo-based Barolo and Barbaresco wines and food-friendly Barbera wines.

Learn more about Piedmont Cuisine :

What to eat in the Piedmont Region ?

barolo chef Wine and food pairing. Your Barolo dining experience can be customized to your specifications.

There is no shortage of fabulous Barbaresco and Barolo dining options in the Langhe –  have one right at home.

We encourage visitors coming to Barolo, Italy to try an array of eateries – from a pizzeria to a simple trattoria to fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants. Food is a central part of the area’s culture, so it’s a delicious way to get to know this part of the Piedmont region.

But, what about adding a personal chef experience that is uniquely yours, with a menu tailored to your group’s interests, tastes, and style? Now, there’s a way to experience Barolo, Italy.


  • Try a complete traditional five-course Piedmont meal, wine paired — and, presented — with every dish.
  • Organize a pool party and let our chef fire-up the grill for the most picturesque barbecue you’ve ever had.
  • Let us create a menu that shows you how to pair Piedmont wines with international cuisine to take home both wine and food pairing tips.
  • Incorporate a cooking class into your Piedmont culinary adventure. The program can include a farmer’s market experience, wine pairing education with the selection, and more.
  • Try a candlelight sensory experience that focuses on food and wine tastes and aromas.
  • Take in a truffle experience that includes a private hunt on the villa grounds, followed by an exquisite truffle dinner.
  • Join us for a holiday or special occasion where we design a themed dining experience.

The options are endless — let us customize a Barolo dining experience especially for you.

piedmont market
Incorporate a guided market visit into your personal chef service.

pasta cooking
Want to get your hands dirty? We can arrange for a your in-home chef service to include a cooking course.

piedmont cuisine
Tajarin is a traditional pasta dish with the original recipe calling for 40 egg yolks. Think decedent, rich, and oh-so-delicious. Make it or just include it in your meal.

barolo pinic
If you want to get in touch with nature, let us arrange a vineyard picnic, wine and cheese are only a part of the equation.

barolo villa pool
That background and your own private chef makes for a Barolo dining experience not to be missed – barbecue by the pool, anyone? 

Book your personal chef service in Barolo, Italy today!

villa personal chefPhoto Credit: Andrew Taylor Photography, Luchino Photo