The Piedmont summer heat is on, and that means refreshing wines, plenty of gelato, and in-home cooking for us locals.

You see, local restaurants offer little in the way of salads or vegetables. But, our local farmer’s markets are overflowing with gorgeous fresh produce during all seasons.

So, fill your market bag, then take advantage of the professional-grade kitchens here at Scarpa Villas for some delicious Piedmont summer dining.

professional kitchenDon’t feel like cooking every night in the Piedmont summer heat? We’ve got you covered.

Indulge in our personal chef service.

Open a bottle of wine and sit by the pool while your private chef dons the apron. Let him serve you and do the post-meal cleaning.

If you fancy a cooking class or wine lesson, we can add that to your personal chef service.

personal chef service Get your ingredients


Find a list of all the area farmer’s markets on our map section. On the homepage, scroll to the Map Section. Click Farmer’s Markets.

Note that farmer’s markets run daily around the area. The biggest is in Alba every Saturday from about 8:00 to 13:00.

For your chicken, visit the local butcher – also on the map. In the map section, select Shopping & Amenities, then Speciality Grocers.

“Butcher” in Italian is “macelleria”. July and August is the holiday season, so if one butcher is closed, try another or even one of the larger grocery stores. And, don’t forget lunchtime closures!

piedmont marketDon’t forget the wine!


This salad pairs well with Scarpa Rouchet, Freisa, or Casa Scarpa Barbera – chill a bit.

The nice full flavors of the vegetables and parmesan sauce works beautifully with the fruitiness and acidity of the wines. A great match on a hot, humid Piedmont summer day!

casascarpa winery

Your Summer Piedmont recipe: Grilled Chicken Salad 


  • Chicken breasts
  • A crisp head of lettuce
  • New potatoes
  • Green beans
  • Red and yellow bell peppers
  • Taggiasca olives
  • Clove of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Pepperoncino (if desired)
  • Salt 
  • Pepper

In salted water, boil the potatoes and beans. Add the garlic clove to the boiling water. Slice the peppers and rip the washed and dried lettuce.

Cool the potatoes and beans. Crush the cooked garlic and mix with lemon juice and grated parmesan cheese into a smooth mixture with olive oil. If you like a touch of heat, add some pepperoncino.

Mix the sauce with the beans and potatoes.

Grill the chicken breasts, spiced with just pepper and salt.

Place the lettuce on a serving dish and add the peppers, vegetables, and sliced chicken breasts on top. If you like you can also top with some bread croutons or roasted pine nuts.

Buon appetito!

Drop us a note with your favorite Piedmont summer eats and drinks! And, check availability for your Piedmont travel.

summer wine