The finest expression of Barbera in the Piedmont region, a UNESCO World Heritage


Renowned for world-class red wines, Scarpa winery is located in Nizza Monferrato, Piedmont.

Our winery was founded by Antonio Scarpa, a visionary producer from Venice.

Today we continue in the footprints of Mario Pesce, a Nizza-born winemaker who created what Scarpa is today. Just like in his days, the quality of our wines relies on sustainable agriculture, traditional but modern winemaking and long bottle aging.

When you visit us, you can feel this everywhere. Strong touch of history in comfortably modern, warmly welcoming place – that’s Scarpa.

At Scarpa, we love red wine. Our range is based on 12 wines of different character, from Casa Scarpa – our lovely everyday Barbera – to the iconic La Bogliona Barbera d’Asti Superiore as well as high-class Barolos, Barbarescos and three unique traditional Vermouth di Torino.

We also make white wines. Lovers of indigenous grapes will be thrilled to taste Timorasso, an ancient Piedmontese variety revived from extinction – and the latest addition to our portfolio.

As our guest, you can also taste Scarpa’s Vermouths. The traditional recipe of our Vermouth di Bianco and Vermouth di Torino is based on local herbs and partly on Moscato d’Asti wine. Our latest release, Extra-Dry Unfiltered Vermouth is the first unfiltered Vermouth in the world.

Old vintagesin an exclusivesetting

Complete your experience with a visit of our historical cellar, a magnificent vintage library with incredible French and Slavonian oak casks made by local barrel builders. We age our best wines in these large oak barrels since they highlight the gentle and delicate character of our Barberas and the strength of our Nebbiolos.

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